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Macao's garment and textile industry
Time:2011/11/26 10:36:41 Come:南佳
Macao's exports in 2010 continued to fall, so that annual industrial output continued to decline. Macao Statistics and Census Service industry survey in 2010, Macao's industrial output and other income of 89.2 billion (MOP), down 16.5% over 2009; the sectoral contribution to the economy amounted to 3.05 billion increase in value yuan, down 3.9%; total annual consumption (58.6 million) and gross fixed capital formation (8.6 billion) also decreased by 21.9% and 13.6%.

Operating in 2010 were 911 industrial establishments, compared with 2009 decreased by 97; 14,680 employees working people, by 23.9%.

       Annual industrial output value of industry was 57.4 billion, representing a 24.6% decrease in 2009. Among the two traditional garment manufacturing and textile industrial output shrink further to 17.2 million and 920 million yuan, the annual declines of 51.4% and 10.5%. (China Textile Network) dddddd
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