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Korea refers to September, producer prices
Time:2011/11/26 10:24:33 Come:南佳
October 11, 2011, Bank of Korea - Korean bank data released by the international raw material prices fall in prices of aquatic products and poultry, South Korea, September producer price index (PPI) rose 5.7%.

     Data show that agriculture, forestry, aquatic South Korea in September producer price index fell by 7.1%. Among them, the vegetable production price index fell by 31.5%, the highest since October 2008 (-32.6%), the largest decline since; but grain production price index was up 23% year on year, rising for three consecutive months showed a trend? Other September industrial production price index rose 8.2%; services producer price index rose 1.6%.

     Bank of Korea official said, the first eight months of this year, South Korean producer price index growth rate has remained at 6-7% level, but in September due to vegetable prices fell sharply, producer price index growth rate fell below 6%, re-. Although the gains in producer price index has been slowing down, but the exchange rate changes as well as international raw material prices will become an important factor affecting the future trend. (China Textile Network)
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