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Opened a new era of new fiber materials
Time:2011/11/25 16:30:25 Come:南佳
Persist in technological innovation to develop new products to develop new markets, to foster brand credibility in order to optimize the structure of the sustainable development of Jilin Chemical Fiber has a 46-year history of this veteran leader in state-owned enterprises important strategic development of the industry, but also laid a new round of Jilin Chemical Fiber development of a solid foundation.

In recent years, Jilin Chemical Fiber Group is committed to functional, health-based, high value-added new product development and strategic development of emerging industries, has developed a bamboo fiber, carbon fiber precursor, flame-retardant fiber, far infrared fiber and colored series fiber, anti-fatigue fiber, air conditioning fiber, bamboo fiber white, anti-thrombotic health functions with the platinum fiber, more than 20 kinds of natural, green, health, functional fiber of new products, access to 15 national invention patents, to fill the many blanks. Bamboo by the National Key New Product Innovation Award and the National Technology carbon fiber precursor project was named "Project of Jilin Province scientific and technological achievements" and "National Torch Plan industrialization projects." Platinum fiber, fiber and other anti-fatigue, the successful development of functional fiber, but also by the Chinese health Jilin Chemical Fiber Association, China Association of knitted textile materials companies across the country awarded the only one "Chinese health functions textile raw material base" of the medals.

"Twelve Five" period, Jilin Chemical Fiber Group will continue to give full play to technology, speed up the integration of external resources to expand business scale, to play the internal strengths, open a new chapter in the transformation and upgrading.

Stronger bamboo fiber
Raw material base to ease the plight of construction resources

Expected to "second five" period, the Jilin Chemical Fiber to the formation of 300,000 tons and 200,000 tons of bamboo pulp production capacity of bamboo fiber, and built the world's largest and most advanced bamboo pulp production base of raw materials for the development of the industry to solve the bottleneck problems do a more positive efforts.

After ten years of effort, known as the textile sector, the "fifth element" of the bamboo fiber maturity, applications continue to expand, pure spin, blending full bloom, commonly used towels, socks, underwear, bedding and other areas, also successfully used in suits, women's, shirts, denim, fashion, sports and other series products. Bamboo Industrial Union continues to increase bamboo weaving process research and development, to improve the wear resistance of fiber, bamboo fiber has shrunk to improve performance, try after the successful production of bamboo fiber blended with a variety of fiber woven fabric, while retaining the bamboo fiber luster, antibacterial, water and other properties, but also improve other properties such as crisp, more market potential.

Currently, 78 companies from the bamboo industry alliance composed of rapid growth. Through Sichuan bamboo bamboo classification, detailed process, so that steady improvement in the quality of bamboo pulp, bamboo filament current month can produce 800 tons pulp; October 2010, the first bamboo fiber production line in Jilin Chemical Fiber to drive the success can be spinning fine, all kinds of bamboo filament quality standards, the characteristics of bamboo fiber is more apparent. Jinjun, chairman of the Jilin Chemical Fiber in under the guidance of their own design and development of high-strength differential viscose staple fiber production line, not only can improve the fiber strength, and can tow refined, dry off, making the production of a multi-color and hair bath type, bamboo fiber tops become a reality; the end of March 2011, in addition to the existing black bamboo, the Jilin Chemical Fiber has produced a Chinese red, blue, yellow and three varieties. In 2008, the days of bamboo fiber products into the fabric of the world's top show - French PV Exhibition, Jilin Chemical Fiber became the first to get access to domestic chemical fiber enterprises PV Booth. Bamboo has been achieved with copper cattle, Adidas, Nike, three guns and other famous brands of marriage, and deepen the brand-building, still in Shenzhen, Shaoxing and other places set up for a "bamboo Experience Center" to showcase bamboo culture, propaganda bamboo products and lifestyles. Bamboo Union, the terminal has more than 8000 brand stores. According to the resource side, the approach to base the development strategy of Jilin Chemical Fiber in Hebei Gaocheng, Yibin, Sichuan, Hunan Yiyang bamboo pulp production bases established on the basis of another industrial park in the spring jiangan county, Sichuan Province, the foundation has an annual output of 100,000 tons of bamboo pulp project.

Give priority to carbon fiber precursor
Develop strategic new industries

Companies are not innovative means retrogression. 2006, acrylic production capacity and technology to the nation, second in the world, based on the Jilin Chemical Fiber targeting of carbon fiber in the defense, aerospace, transportation, new energy and more extensive application, combined with the time of China's carbon fiber technology and capacity behind features, a bold decision to begin the carbon fiber precursor production technology research and development. Through production, learning and research cooperation development, integration of laboratory results and acrylic company production experience, innovation and integration in May 2007 a "T300-level PAN-based carbon fiber precursor" of the industrial production technology, which is characterized by process short, stable quality, high yield, is the first domestic original, obtained national patent. In August 2009, the company designed its own transformation 5,000 tons / year of carbon fiber precursor project a project put into operation, to achieve annual output of 1,500 tons of carbon fiber precursor production capacity, product number of performance indicators to achieve world-class R & D and production of standard carbon fiber. Currently, 5,000 tons of Jilin Chemical Fiber carbon fiber precursor projects have started construction, is expected to put into operation in September 2011. "Twelve Five" period, the company's overall plans for new construction 15,000 tons of carbon fiber precursor scale, design and construction of 500 tons / year R & D pilot line carbonation, and strive to achieve the production capacity of T700 grade raw silk, to create "China Carbon Valley." Will be an impetus to regional industrial structure optimization and industrial chain development in China to break foreign production of carbon fiber precursor technology blockade.

Doing fine viscose fiber
Open up new areas of application in order to differentiate

Jilin Chemical Fiber with market demand, vigorously develop high-tech, high value-added, high efficiency "three high" new products, to seize the attention of human philosophy of life care for platinum fiber, anti-fatigue fiber, air conditioning, fiber, white charcoal fiber and other new products, marketing to win the chance. Meanwhile, the company based on the downstream industry development needs, modifications to conventional varieties, modified, changed color, continue to optimize the product structure, and for enterprise development has opened up new markets, new space.

Special flame retardant viscose fiber companies to introduce high-tech production, set up a subsidiary Ji Li River Chemical Co., Ltd., formed in 2000 tons / year of organic phosphorus flame retardants DX1212 efficient production capacity. The highly efficient flame retardant, halogen-free, pollution-free, permanent flame retardant properties. The production technology reached the international advanced level of similar products, to fill our special flame retardant viscose fiber field blank, Ji Li River, following the Swiss chemical industry is international only after Kline's special flame retardant viscose manufacturers. With the new generation of flame retardant viscose fiber production, not only has a good permanent flame retardant properties, excellent thermal insulation properties, resistance to arc and anti-static, low smoke and non-toxic, does not melt drip, anti-fire anti- thermal and other properties, but maintains the original natural viscose fiber properties, good flexibility, Moisture absorption, dyeability, while protecting the safety advantages of lack of comfort can be widely used in fire-fighting equipment, clothing, military police equipment, clothing, industrial clothing with thermal protection, anti-splash protective clothing, fire-retardant furnishings, flame-retardant fillers and other fields.

According to Jilin Chemical Fiber "second five" plan, the end of 2015 the output value, sales income and profits more than doubled in 2010, the total capacity of 100 tons, production value of 13.5 billion yuan is expected to focus on the development of high performance carbon fiber as the representative of the new fiber bamboo fiber material and represented a new type of biomass fiber and raw materials base. This year, the company has launched a 'push' three hit ', to enhance the' double effect '", organized by Jinjun personally, to ten billion yuan output value of the target company launched the general offensive. (China Textile Network)
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