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Energy experiments
Time:2011/11/25 16:25:35 Come:南佳
Shishi City, Fujian Province, printing and dyeing industries and enterprises has been a pioneer in energy conservation. It is reported that China Resources has lions and Yiming dyeing dyeing dyeing two companies have been testing thermal insulation coatings, the use of energy saving technologies for enterprise development to inject new vigor and vitality.

Printing and dyeing industry is the most important energy saving tasks to the lions of the industry over the years, many within the industry continued to carry out energy conservation work. Including emissions from industrial wastewater treatment standards, the second purification of water reuse, the application of variable frequency motor, exhaust and heat setting machine recovery, are walking in front of peers in Fujian Province. Thermal insulation coatings have been carried out tests of lions Resources and Yiming dyeing dyeing dyeing two companies reflects the energy-saving technology as insulation coatings significantly reduce printing and dyeing equipment furnace wall, cylinder wall, the wall heat loss, significant temperature production workshop reduce the workers to work comfort and safety has been improved.

It is reported that the lions in the printing industry Manulife weaving, dyeing, bleaching and dyeing two companies tai pilot, after a comparative test, further popularization and promotion of other printing companies, printing and dyeing industries and enterprises in order to promote innovation and development of the lions. (China Textile Network)
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